Imagematic For Lawyers and Law Firms

Automatically archive daily images of website legal pages for all your clients.

Less than 5 minutes to setup each client.

Instant proof of website legal content at any point in time without breaking a sweat!

For Your Clients

Automatic record keeping for critical website pages.

Compliance History

Keep your clients out of trouble by automatically maintaining images of the contents of legal pages on their websites.

Flexible Captures

Capture and store images as often as you like - from once per day down to every five minutes if required.

Save Every Capture

We automatically save every image - quickly pull up privacy policies, terms of service and more from months, even years prior.

For Your Firm

Just five minutes of setup for each client while you bill your standard rates.

A New Service For Every Client

An easy to use, 5 minute service you can sell to every single client.

White Label

Setup an Imagematic portal with your firm's branding.  

Starting at $999 / yr.

Private Instances

Bring Imagematic in-house - we'll build you your own private instance on your own hardware or cloud servers.

Ready to find out more?

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