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Automatically Archive Your Privacy Polices, Terms of Service and More - Every Day • Every Hour • Every Week

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Up and Running In Two Minutes Or Less!

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Use Cases

Regulatory Compliance

Automatically archive your changes to privacy policies, terms of service, refund policies etc. What your customer see is what you store!

Personal Wayback Machine

See what your customers saw - yesterday, last week, last month, even last year!

Change Alerts

Did key pages on your site change unexpectedly? This can happen if an automated update to your tech stack occurs overnight or your site is hacked.  Get an alert when it happens!

Chargeback Defense

Definitively prove the contents of your refund and purchase policy on the date your customers made their purchase.

What Makes Us Different?

Every Image Available

We keep every image for as long as you have an account.  And we provide a nice scrollable UI so you can quickly scroll through weeks or months of images. 

Visually see how your key pages have changed over time.  Quickly identify when changes occurred.

No Complicated Options

No "Jobs", no "Rules", no "configuration" - just the URLs you want to keep track of.

Other services are more suited to developers or power users.  We keep it simple so anyone can easily use it.

Very Personal Support

Have an issue or question?  We'll get back to you the same or next business day.

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